Dual Collaboration Opportunity

We are reaching out to discuss two exciting collaboration avenues that can bring value to both our audiences.
Please consider both A & B or only one option A or B

A) Refer Clients to YOUR Platform Through YOUR Affiliate Program:

We’re thrilled to announce the launch in December of Soulmate2024.com, a dedicated platform for establishing and cultivating long-lasting relationships.
We believe your services align seamlessly with one or more of the key sections in our directory: Spiritual Connections, Marriage Counseling, Dating and Relationship Resources.
Through our platform, we can funnel targeted customers your way, enriching their lives with the valuable services you offer.

B) Leverage Our Exclusive Workshop Through OUR Affiliate Program:

We’re about to roll out a one-of-a-kind, face-to-face Soulmate workshop for Holistic Health Practitioners.
This immersive experience is a prime opportunity for individuals seeking a soulmate relationaship. A transformative journey of self-discovery with Judith M Costa, a renowned coach with an impressive curriculum and @AngelPrimalFamily Constellations facilitator and experienced Primal therapist with over 3,000 Constellations facilitated since 2003.  An excellent 2022 NETFLIX series explores the Family Constellations phenomenon in “Another Self“.
By joining our “Meet Your Soulmate” affiliate program, you can refer customers to this transformative event and earn high commissions. We have complete confidence in the exceptional quality of our program and are proud to offer a money-back guarantee.
To sign up, please visit our affiliate page:
We’re buzzing with excitement about the potential synergies and what they could mean for people seeking meaningful connections. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to email us at Contact@Soulmate2024.com.
Thank you for considering these opportunities. We’re eager to hear from you soon and explore how we can collectively make a difference in the realm of authentic relations.
Warm regards,
María Fernandez & Angel Primal