Dear Kelly,

I hope this message catch your attention, considering the sheer volume of messages you must receive. 

I recently came across some of your videos and I am deeply moved by your connection and authenticity. Your ability to express and convey reminded me of other incredible individuals I have encountered, such as Gangagi, Mooji, Byron Katie, Peter Crone or Teal Swan, among others.

The purpose of contacting you is simple: I would love to work with you. Whether it be a retreat or some other type of event, I believe our collaboration could be truly meaningful.

To give you a brief overview of my background, I have been facilitating Family Constellations workshops from a Primal perspective for the past 20 years. As a Primal therapist, I do not strictly adhere to the orthodox approach, but instead connect with the Knowing Field and flow with its intelligence and love towards the solution.

If you are unfamiliar with Family Constellations, there is a 2022 Netflix series called “Another Self” that explores this phenomenon.

What I have found all these years facilitating Constellations and doing Primal therapy sessions is that most of the traumas we experience in our personal life connect us with the pain of our family tree, traumatic experiences that have not been disolved and stay in our family field for generations waiting for mirrors to reflect them and solve them. Unfortunately, very often, we keep repeating the same stories in different scenarios, generation after generation.

Besides working with transgenerational issues, I offer training in what I call Personal Constellations, which is a very powerfull variation oriented to work our personal history. I developed a “way”  to apply the Knowing Field of Family Constellations to bring balance and harmony to the inner dialogues.

Here are some testimonilas translated into English, and a couple of related articles: What is a Personal Constellation? and Training in Personal Constellations

Currently, I am working on a project with Judith M Costa called “Meet Your Soulmate.” The first meeting will take place in the Canary Islands in 2024. This is the website we are working on:

I hope we have the opportunity to talk and meet in the near future.

Warm regards,

Angel Primal
WhatsApp: +34627619266


I have other domains – – – – – but they are still under re-construction. 

In 2020, I became heavily involved in the Covid crisis and created two websites, and, where I published hundreds of links and videos offering a different narrative from the official one. Unfortunately, these websites and the rest of my sites, along with the backups, were infected and most of the content from the last 20 years erased. I believe it was the work of the same people who created the pandemic narrative.