Here are 10 YouTube videos featuring Mooji that can provide you with a range of insights and guidance:

  1. You Are Life Itself — Guided Meditation with Mooji: A beautiful guided meditation that invites you into the space of pure being​​.
  2. Mooji Guided Meditation – Be in Presence: This video offers a lovely guided meditation emphasizing being in the presence​​.
  3. The Power of Clear Seeing ~ Mooji on Self Inquiry: Mooji discusses the significance of self-inquiry and the power of clear seeing​​.
  4. DON’T BE FULL OF “THINGS” – BE TOTALLY EMPTY! | MOOJI 2022: Mooji advises on the importance of emptiness over accumulating things or concepts​​.
  5. This Exercise Is All the Help You Need: A short exercise proposed by Mooji suggesting that this could be all the help you need​​.
  6. A MUST SEE!!! A Most Important Video on Enlightenment – for anyone and everyone!: This satsang was broadcast from Portugal, addressing the topic of enlightenment​​.

The remaining links are not directly accessible, but they are referred to in broader contexts such as collections of satsangs and meditations, or part of Mooji’s broader teachings and offerings on platforms like Mooji TV and the Mooji Foundation. They represent a diverse array of content ranging from guided meditations, satsangs, to profound insights on self-realization and enlightenment:

  • Satsang with Mooji: Described as an association with the highest truth, offering direct experiences of formless awareness and insights into one’s true nature​​.
  • Sahaja Express: Offers a heart offering from Mooji, including a library of Sahaja Express satsangs and retreats, aimed at supporting deep contemplation and realization​​.
  • Events and Books by Mooji: Information about joining physically in satsangs, books for deeper dives into Mooji’s teachings, and an outline of the transformative power of being in Satsang online​​.
  • Additionally, Mooji’s music, which emanates from the heart of Satsang, can be found on YouTube Music, offering another dimension to his teachings​​.