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Mooji is a living Budha, a disciple of Papaji who was a disciple of Ramana Maharshi, from the Advaita Vedanta tradition. 

He often speaks about the meaning of life in terms that transcend conventional definitions and goals.

These are some iinsights from his teachings:

Mooji encourages individuals to discover the true nature of their being, which he suggests is beyond the physical and mental identities we commonly associate with ourselves. According to Mooji, the meaning of life is not to be found in external achievements, material success, or even in the roles we play in society, but rather in realizing our true nature as pure consciousness or awareness.

He often points to the importance of self-inquiry, a method of inner exploration that asks the fundamental question “Who am I?” This process is aimed at guiding individuals away from identification with the transient (such as thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations) and towards recognition of the unchanging awareness that is the essence of all beings.

In his teachings, Mooji suggests that life’s true meaning comes from the direct experience of this awareness, which brings with it a sense of peace, freedom, and unconditional love. This realization is what Mooji might refer to as awakening or enlightenment, where one recognizes oneself as part of the whole, intimately connected with all that is.

Mooji’s approach to the meaning of life is deeply spiritual and introspective, encouraging a journey within to discover truths that are universal and profoundly liberating. He teaches that this understanding transforms the way we perceive life, ourselves, and others, leading to a life lived in harmony with the deeper realities of existence.

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